Hello, dear Duel Commander players from around the world,

This is just a summed up note regarding the Duel Commander Rules Committee itself. Its organization has changed over the years. Right now, we're within a stable structure, after lots of changes. The committee has grown from one person, a long time ago, to (round) 15 today. Please note we are all volunteers, and this is done only with free time and personal investment, nothing less, nothing more. We are not affiliated nor endorsed with Wizards of the Coast. This note is here to basically describe how the team works, what we produce and how we work.

Roles and structure

Our roles are split between several statuses. Each links leads to an individual presentation, if you want to know more about us.

Core members

Core Members, who get to take the final considerations and decisions. They are in limited numbers for logical and pragmatic reasons.

Currently, they are 5.

Crimelune / Flavien Paillet

Fevin / Sylvain Lauriol

Logarythme / Florian Trotte

Moondust / Florian Chaminade

zgana / Manuel Le Marec

Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators, who are here to establish a geographic link between the committee and their respective local areas, especially when they're out of reach from other members. Those people should be your first point of entry if you’re in one of their respective areas.

Currently, they are 8.

bitzelberg / Felix Müggenburg (Germany)

Dan Pyre / Brennan McAlear (USA)

Jordan Raiber (USA)

Justo Chacon (Latin America)

Loxmatii / Sergey Lamzin (Russia)

Steven Villaraza (Philippines)

Victor Burghi (Brazil)

Vojtěch Kotek (Czech Republic)


Advisors, who are chosen for their wisdom. They're here with no particular profile. They can be judges, players, gurus, people with an interest in Duel Commander or anything good to bring here to us all.

Currently, they are 5.

Attrigme / Julien Parez

Eventwin / Damien Jantzen

Mechint / Thomas Mechin

Spigushe / Martin Cuchet

Windston / PBardin / Pierre Bardin

Technical Coordinators

Technical Coordinators, who are here to make sure that the Committee uses the best tools and mechanics, and to coordinate people.

Currently, there is 1.

DocFX / innersonics / William Pinaud

Roles exclusivity

👉 Those roles/statuses are mutually exclusive (i.e. can't be cumulative), and they are not hierarchical (they are not upgrades, but a new role can be assigned to anyone). The Committee usually contacts people they think should join them, but, should you know someone you think would be interested and interesting please contact us on Discord or Facebook.


Updates schedules

We publish an update announcement every 2 months, the reason for that schedule is explained in the November 2020 update.

We once chose to synchronize the updates with the ones Wizards Of The Coast does, but considering their new timing, we now make a announcement on our own, fixed dates. For some extreme reasons, we can make any additional update we think is required. Could also be some fun stuff, why not?

The exact time for those scheduled announcements is on the last monday of January, March, May, July, September and November, and the exact hour should be on an evening, local French time (CEST / GMT+1), usually around 8:00 P.M..

Updates philosophy

We do not use preventive individual card bans, for this method denies the needs for proofs and only relies upon theory crafting, which is significantly less reliable. We do not either use express, emergency rules/B&R updates, for our communication tools are limited and not relayed by official ones, therefore we can’t be certain to hit a majority of players in a short time span. Such a statement could only be false in the rare, extreme case of unavoidable time constraints. More info can be found here.

Updates contents

Much like their updates (and more), we can publish:

  • non-card rules updates (removal of the “commander damage rule”, for example)

  • Committee structural updates (new people joining the team, for example)

  • cards updates (making Yawgmoth's Bargain legal again, for example)

  • communication updates (removal of the public watchlist and watchlist colors, for example)

Updates accessibility

👉 Every Facebook Note / Facebook Post / Website post we publish are totally public. The URL you see (like this page has) does NOT require an account to be seen and shared. Those notes are made to be shared and discussed, on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, forums, or anywhere else, so please don’t hesitate to do so!

Fundamental documents

If you need information, please refer to our notes, our current structure is:

Announcements effectiveness and language

👉 Those announcements, should they contain changes, apply immediately.

👉 We currently communicate in English only. Everyone is free to translate the document in other languages. Make sure not to damage the contents, as much as you can, and please refer to this Facebook page as a genuine reference.

The Duel Commander Rules Committee.