Hello, dear Duel Commander players.

We’re posting this text to announce that our next “fixed-date”, planned announcement will be moved from 24th April to 17th April, 2017.

We’re always trying to do our best to support the fantastic job that tournament organizers are doing. However, the next Demonic Tournament Commander date happens to be what we could call “not really optimal” regarding the planned announcement date as it was of today. This tournament is currently the largest Duel Commander event worldwide, thanks to the amazing job of Pierre Jean, Amélie Garcia-Chaïb and the rest of their team. We have decided to exceptionally prepone the next planned announcement date one week ahead (which is: the day the complete Amonkhet card list will be made public) to allow players to have more time to get ready for this tournament.

On the other side, we’d like to state that such a modification regarding the announcements dates will be the last one (except under exceptional circumstances). Indeed, for coherence, logistics, and equity concerns between players and organizers, such changes have consequences. We therefore invite tournament organizers to note now the next announcements dates:

“Amonkhet” announcement: 17th April 2017

“Hour of Devastation” annoucement: 10th July 2017

Besides, as previously stated, we won’t be making more announcements per year, in the middle of seasons. This recent change, set up by Wizards Of The Coast, mostly made to balance the metagame according to Pro Tour results, is not really relevant to Duel Commander. We wish to bring stability to the format, as we showed by removing the Watchlist a few months ago, for example.

Last but not the least, let’s add one last piece of information. Last but not the least, let’s add one last piece of information. No Commander printed outside the Commander 2016 edition will be banned during the next April announcement.

The previous announcement text has been updated accordingly.

We wish you all rich and great games!

The Duel Commander Rules Committee.