Dear Duel Commander players, followers and enthusiasts all over the globe,

This announcement to inform you all that, starting Monday June 17, 2024, we will be applying a change in the timings of our announcements, as follows:

💡Simply put, this means two things: first, we’re keeping our current system of bi-monthly announcement schedules. Second, we ratify the possibility of making out-of-schedule announcements, should we need to address a specific problem. Those announcements will always take place on mondays, as others before.

👉 Don’t forget to check out our Comprehensive Rules page for detailed understanding of Duel Commander rules. 

👉 Don’t forget to check out our Banned and Restricted page for a recap of all the currently banned/restricted cards. 

You can still contact us on our Facebook Page page and our Discord server. The next announcement will be published on July 29, 2024. 

Until then, we wish you all many good games! 😇


Let’s take a quick look at the reasons for this change.

The recent change of pace in Magic The Gathering™ new prints* means our game is changing faster than ever, and we want to be more flexible in addressing problems that might arise from this fact. This new system does not mean that we could be doing massive changes at any given time. We do not intend to use each of those timeslots. What it does mean, however, is that we have the option to solve unexpected problems reactively, so that players do not face a bad player experience due to waiting for a more distant scheduled announcement. 


*For reference, here is a graph of new prints per year since Magic The Gathering™ was created to this day: