This page lists all the cards that are structurally or specifically banned or restricted in Duel Commander.

More details on each specific card can be found across each corresponding announcement text.
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1 - Reminder

Duel Commander uses structural and individual card restrictions. The complete listing would be too long so the first part of this document uses structural descriptions that are sufficient to clearly identify the cards even without being aware of all their names.

A banned card means you can't list it. You can't play it. It can't be part of a Duel Commander game.

A restricted card means it's partially banned under specific conditions mentioned in each section. See below.

2 - Structurally banned cards

You can’t use any of the cards mentioned in this section in a Duel Commander game.
This is in addition to points 2. and 3. in this document.

Only cards that are playable in sanctioned Magic The Gathering formats are legal in Commander, and, therefore, in Duel Commander.

That excludes special border cards like:

    • Gold-bordered cards (World Events promo cards / ...)

    • Silver-bordered cards and their variants (Unhinged / Unglued / Unstable / Holiday cards / ...)

    • Scroll-looking cards that like Conspiracies.

    • Square-cornered cards (Collector’s Edition / ...)

    • Oversized and other miscellaneous cards such as Planechase Planes, Archenemy Schemes, Vanguard cards, Helvault cards, etc.

That also excludes the cards that use the “Ante” word :

That also excludes physical abilities cards that are Falling Star and Chaos Orb.

The fast subgame card (which is not an effect, but a real card) Shahrazad is also excluded.

Also, this implies cards marked offensive by Wizards of the Coast. Click here for the list.
As stated by W
izards Of The Coast, this list is a work in progress.

2 - Restricted cards - banned as a commander only

These cards are restricted. Here, they're still playable and only legal when listed apart from being a commander.
These cards cannot be one of your commanders, but are still allowed in the other parts of your decklists (usually called "the 98-99").

This is in addition to points 1. and 3. in this document.

3 - Specifically banned cards

You can’t have any of these cards in a Duel Commander game. They can't be listed, they're not legal in Duel Commander.
They can't be used in a Duel Commander game.

This is in addition to points 1. and 2. in this document. This section is usually the one that is most likely to evolve.