😊 Hi, there! If you’re quite new to Magic The Gathering and you wish to start playing Duel Commander, this guide is for you!

☝️ First, you need to know that Duel Commander is an “extension” game, based on Magic The Gathering. Therefore, you need to learn Magic The Gathering basics along learning how Duel Commander works. Think of Duel Commander as a graft onto Magic The Gathering core concepts.

To learn more about Magic The Gathering, please visit the official website first:

Then, once you got the basics, you’ll need to learn the few differences between a more classical Magic The Gathering game and a Duel Commander game.

⚠️ Duel Commander is inspired from Elder Dragon Highlander, a homemade game that now integrated Magic The Gathering as an editor-curated casual variant simply named "Commander". If you wish to learn more about Commander itself (which has a whole different approach from Duel Commander), you might be interested in reading more about it on its official website.

👉 Playing Duel Commander for the first time?

That’s easy, actually!

👉 Got the basics ? Let’s learn a little more...

👉 Building your deck

Examples of commanders

Pretty easy, ain’t it? ;)

✔ Building tips

👉 Playing your deck

You play a Duel Commander game pretty much like a regular Magic The Gathering game, excepted:

Don’t forget to search for more information with your friends, store keepers, community leaders, judges, and also online. There are thousands of online communities that help you improve and get more involved in the world of Magic The Gathering in general, as well as Duel Commander in particular!

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Also, if you don't know where to start, you can browse decks on MTGTop8. We recommend that you start looking at those simple archetypes first:

The document you’re reading is based on the work of the Duel Commander Committee, which has changed over time, but the people who helped this existing and made this be brought to light remain. Please note that Duel Commander format is not affiliated to, maintained by, nor having any support from Wizards of The Coast.

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We would like to thank everyone who made Magic The Gathering possible (because without Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro, we would certainly not be here today), but also the makers, maintainers and communities of Singleton formats, Elder Dragon Highlander and Multiplayer Commander teams, as well as some people who made this format possible, such as Kevin Desprez, Damien Guillemard, Claire Dupré and Daniel Kitachewski for their advice, their initial support and involvement. Though they’re not part of the committee anymore, people might remember the time they all spent in making this format be known. We also want to thank all the other people who got involved once into the Duel Commander Committee, those who are still involved in it, advisors and regional coordinators, and everyone who helps building the community.