As the number of new cards being printed keeps trending towards all-time highs, it seems that all decks' presence right now are coming to some sort of equilibrium. Each new top performing deck set is a surprise and keeps alternating among a few fistfuls of them. Which seems to be a decent and sane result. We hope the current storm of events doesn't forcefully drive players away neither from Magic The Gathering, nor from Duel Commander.

After letting a couple months go, we decided to adjust the game rules with one little change, though, as follows.






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Until then, we wish you all many good games! :)


Of course, as many noticed, Trazyn The Infinite echoes a lot to Necrotic Ooze. Even though their respective abilities refer to a way different set of cards (something around 4.8 times more related cards for Necrotic Ooze), the current combination of cards which (most generally) allows them to win instantly end up being pretty much the same. All other cards involved not being particularly damaging the player experience, it still seems that the central piece of all of them needs to go. 

As the final results end up with a very cheap-to-include, hard-to-answer win condition, the conclusion still remains the same: it generates a lot of unwanted bad player experience on the field. The small play uptick given by the fact that Trazyn The Infinite can also be a commander barely adds a little more to the whole, but yet remains noticeable, on top of it. This also greatly helped as a reminder that Necrotic Ooze being legal again wasn't totally a good idea (not to mention cards like Old Stickfingers didn't even exist back when the first one was banned), hence Trazyn The Infinite goes to the dark shelf of cards banned in Duel Commander.